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Second Street is a modern music company.

(i) a recording studio: Second Street fosters the creation of top-quality original musical compositions and projects, achieved through live session work, remote collaboration, creative direction, and in-house production.


(ii) a publishing label: Second Street offers traditional services such as distribution, marketing, A&R, and talent management -- empowering artists, producers, and engineers to thrive in a digitally-focused industry.

(iii) a media platform: Second Street brings exposure to deserving musicians and pairs them with a network of photographers, videographers, and graphic artists, acting as a catalyst to help all parties find success.

Second Street's mission is to facilitate growth and solidarity in the local community, to bring artists the resources and relationships they need to achieve their goals, and to establish a home for the next generation of creatives.



Sessions with talented people in a comfortable, creative workspace are the first step to bringing your musical compositions to life.

Our industry-leading microphones and analog processing chain combine to capture crystal-clear signals from any source.

Both our rooms boast an elevated hardwood floor with a beautiful natural feel. Enough I/O for full-band synchronous tracking!


Sometimes, a great idea is just that: an idea. Even if it's just a tune that you whistle in your head, Second Street will bring your song to life.

Armed with guitars, keyboards, drums, and software packages, we assist in the stages of composition, arrangement and songwriting.

Whether you prefer creating in the analog or digital realm, we will always take the necessary time and care to bring your drafts to fruition!


Once your material has been properly recorded, it's time to make everything sound as incredible as you hear it in your head.

Our rooms are tuned to meet the finest of audio specs. Custom-built acoustic paneling and clouds allow for hyper-detailed listening.

Our engineers use tools of the highest caliber to enhance the tonal balance, dynamics, and spacing in your mix for a cohesive feel.

Sound Design

Not all audio is music, after all. Here at Second Street, we are capable of working with professional audio all across the entertainment industry.

If you have audio needs pertaining to filmmaking, television, gaming or radio, you may consider a Second Street engineer for the job.

Our expertise in digital audio workstations and virtual instruments allow us to work in scoring, foley, sync music, SFX or more!


After mixing, your mix must be brought up to a competitively-loud level so it can go head-to-head with other comparable material.

Mastering a song makes it consistent and tight so that it can be distributed to various mediums like streaming, CD, tape, or vinyl.

We will ensure that your music translates on various sound systems including headphones, phone speakers, and car stereos.


There are plenty of jobs Second Street is right for. Some other services we provide include...

  • Live sound work

  • Pro audio editing

  • Mobile recording

  • Beat sales & leasing

  • Music journalism

If your project can't quite fit neatly into one category, have no fear! Fill out our contact form with some details and we can be flexible.


Thanks for submitting!

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