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Welcome to Second Street: A Modern Music Company

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

In a world where more people have access to music creation than ever before, one can start to feel even more alone as a creative. Collaboration breeds innovation, and Second Street is a home for both. By embracing the benefits of the traditional recording studio in tandem with modern workflows, Second Street is able to deliver results unlike any other studio.

What is Second Street?

Second Street Studios LLC is a hybrid music company with the sole mission of being a home base for the next generation of musicians. Of course, the physical business is a recording studio with state of the art processing, gear and instruments, but Second Street stretches past traditional recording studio capabilities. By offering production and management capabilities, our team facilitates growth and solidarity between experienced musicians and beginners alike. More than anything, Second Street exists to empower and serve musicians with the help needed to thrive in a digitally-focused industry.


Behind the Scenes

While the studio space we occupy is new, the vision that inspired Second Street goes back. In 2016, founder Michael "Farley" McFarland would drive home from his alma mater Glenbrook North High School on a road called 2nd Street. High school students all blared their favorite music out of their car stereos as they cruised past. When the weather was nice, the sounds would come together into a blended patchwork, with each tile serving as a peek into each person's expression of their own identity. As a tribute to this little memory, Farley named his company, hoping to eventually create a space where people can gather, unify, and celebrate the creation of the next generation of music.

After studying business at Notre Dame and establishing himself as a solo artist, Farley left his job working on Wall Street to continue his music career. He found himself at Classick Studios working with some of the greatest hip-hop engineers in the city of Chicago. This is when Farley met Justin "J Co" Corp - a budding engineer from Frankfort, IL. While sharing stories and learning together in the lobby of the studio, these two young professionals built the foundation of Second Street Records. Just a few months later, the studio found a home in West Loop at Music Garage Chicago.


Looking to join the Second Street team? Like what we're doing? Leave a comment below or get in touch with us through our contact page.

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